Rerun Journey Application

This endpoint re-runs a select application that has already been run through Alloy. It will be run through the currently active version of the Journey, and will default to re-using the same payload as the original, but does allow for the user to optionally alter that original payload.

The options for altering are the following:

  • Edit any of the payload information for any of the entities in the application by including, within an object in the entities array, the entity_token of the entity to be altered. Include any number of fields to be altered. Assign a value of null for any field you want to exclude.
  • Add any number of new entities to the application by just adding new entity objects to payload.
  • Delete entire entities by putting these entity tokens to be deleted into an array called exclude_entity_tokens (at least one entity must remain).

All headers for POST /journeys/{journey_token}/applications can be used with this endpoint as well.

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