Sending Additional Data and KBA Questions

Additional Data and Question Responses

The /evaluations endpoint can also be used to provide additional information to an onboarding evaluation. This may be necessary if there is missing information, invalid inputs, or additional knowledge based authentication questions. The response from POSTing to /evaluations indicates required parameters and their data types.

An evaluation token is necessary for this request, this can be fetched from the response to the initial POST request.

HTTP Request: PATCH<evaluation_token>

Sample request:

        {"question_id": 1, "answer_id": 1},
        {"question_id": 2, "answer_id": 5},
        {"question_id": 3, "answer_id": 2},
        {"question_id": 4, "answer_id": 1},
        {"question_id": 5, "answer_id": 5}
      "name_first": "John",
      "name_last": "Doe"

If successful, the response will be the same as that to POST /evaluations, returning all the same fields and formats.