Application Statuses

Entity Application Status

How the Status of Each Individual Entity in Your Application is Determined

Each entity in your Application is assigned a status at various points in the Journey. The status of the group Application as a whole is determined based upon a “hierarchy” of the individual entity’s statuses in the Application. Consequently, if you have a single-entity Application, the status in the first chart will align to the status of the Group Application (the second chart). However, if you have multiple entities in your Application, you can use the Entity Application status to understand what is happening with each individual entity, but you will need to use the second chart to see which entity status “wins out” as the Group Application status.

When you receive the completed_application webhook event, this indicates that the Application processing is complete and there is a final decision. This is the event that you would use to trigger the account opening process on your backend if the applicant was approved.

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Webhook Event TypeAssociated Journey Node Type(s) (indicates event happens outside of a Journey node)entity_application_status Field (in objects in array _embedded.entity_applications of GET Journey Application Response)Action Required to Move Application ForwardSuggested Text to Display in a Notification to User
started_evaluationworkflow, docVrunningn/an/a
data_request_evaluationworkflow (one which contains data service that requires data request)data_requestPUT to this endpoint. Sample payload:
{ "entities": [ { "answers": [{ "question_id": 1, "answer_id": 1 }, { "question_id": 2, "answer_id": 1 }, { "question_id": 3, "answer_id": 1 }, { "question_id": 4, "answer_id": 1 }, { "question_id": 5, "answer_id": 1 }] } ] }
Please fill out this additional information to complete your application…
completed_evaluationworkflow, docVrunningn/an/a
pending_documentsdocVpending_documents PUT to this endpoint. Sample payload:
{"entities": [{"entity_type": "person", "branch_name":"persons", "entity_token":"P-DoCabnYKxjavaMtCKkZe", "document_token_front": "D-3i93lbppVAEQvq6yYX0c", "document_token_back": "D-4r5lbppVAEQvq6yYX0d"}]
Please upload a document (initialize SDK, or other front end for collecting documents)
pending_step_upstep uppending_step_up PUT to this endpoint. Sample payload:
{"entities": [{"entity_type": "person", "branch_name":"persons", "entity_token":"P-DoCabnYKxjavaMtCKkZe", "document_token_front": "D-3i93lbppVAEQvq6yYX0c", "document_token_back": "D-4r5lbppVAEQvq6yYX0d"}]
Please upload a document (initialize SDK, or other front end)
pending_actionaction (external service or user action)pending_actionPUT to this endpoint. Sample payload:
 {"outcome": "approved"}
Please [take this action] to complete your application….
completed_actionaction (external service or user action)runningn/an/a
pending_action_expiredaction (external service or user action)runningn/an/a (potentially: Your Application has expired. We have withdrawn your Application)
pending_reviewmanual reviewwaiting_reviewManually Review the EvaluationYour Application is being reviewed. We’ll get back to you soon!
completed_reviewmanual reviewrunningn/a(if review is approved) Manual Review approved….please resume application.
completed_branchterminal outcomecompletedn/an/a
has_finished_sending_additional_entities*do_await_additional_entities option is initialized and is then closedn/an/an/a
completed_reconciliation*entity Application has completed and the reconciliation logic has been processed
completed_application*reconciliation logic has been processed and a Group Application review has been made (if necessary)completedGET to this endpoint to retrieve all of the information about your completed Application.Congratulations! You have been Approved! or, We’re sorry, your Application has been Denied.
errorn/aerrorn/aSomething went wrong while processing your Application. Please try applying again.

Group Application Status Hierarchy:

How Group Application Status is Derived from Entity Applications

This chart illustrates how Alloy determines the status of the Application as a whole, based on the status of each entity in the Application. The statuses are numbered according to where they fall in a hierarchy - we start at (1) and drop to the next if the first case is not met, and so on.

If at Least One Entity in Your App has entity_application_status (See Chart Above) of……the status Field in (in Top Level of GET Journey Application Response) will be….…and the journey_application_status Field in (in Top Level of GET Journey Application Response - This Dictates What you See in Alloy Dashboard) will be….
(1) error (else…)errorError
(2) expired (else…)expiredExpired
(3) waiting_review (else…)waiting_reviewApplication Review
(4) pending_journey_application_review (else...)pending_journey_application_reviewApplication Review
(5) data_request (else…)data_requestPending
(6) pending_documents (else…)pending_documentsPending
(7) pending_action (else…)pending_actionPending
(8) pending_step_up (else…)pending_step_upPending
(9) pending_workflow_service (else…)pending_workflow_servicePending
(10) reached_auto_decision_node (else…)reached_auto_decision_nodePending
(11) running (else….)runningRunning

Additional Possible Group Application Statuses:

Please note that the optional key,do_await_additional_entities, can be included in the payload to the POST to this endpoint and should be used if additional entities are added to the Application at a later date. If this field is sent in with the value of true, Alloy will hold the Application open until has_finished_sending_additional_entities is sent in through the PUT request, as shown in the first row of the chart below.

Event/State which Triggers StatusEntity Application statusStep Required to Move Application Forwardjourney_application_status (what you see in Alloy dashboard)
do_await_additional_entities option is initialized and is still openpending_additional_entitiesPUT to this endpoint with the has_finished_sending_additional_entities key as true.Pending
all entities are complete but none of cases in Reconciliation Logic were hitcompletedManually Review the ApplicationApplication Review
all entities are complete and Reconciliation Logic is satisfiedcompletedn/aApproved