Retry Logic and Webhook Logs

Retry Logic

Sometimes webhook requests fail due to a network or destination server issue. Alloy will automatically retry to send a webhook 10 times with exponential backoff, which means we wait a little longer between each retry.

Webhook Logs

You can view a real-time log of all webhook attempts, both successful and failed, in the settings section of your Alloy dashboard.

Each log shows the following details

  1. Time - The timestamp Alloy made the request to the client's webhook server
  2. Name - The name set when creating the webhook
  3. Event - Webhook event type that triggered the webhook request
  4. Attempt - The number of retries Alloy has attempted. You can click into each specific retry in it's own log
  5. Endpoint - Webhook URL the request was sent to
  6. Response - HTTP Response Code returned when making the request
  7. Exception (if applicable) - Error message if something goes wrong
  8. Payload Content - Click on a specific log to see more details, including all previous attempts for a webhook

See this help article for more information on Alloy's webhook logs.