What are Journeys?

Welcome to Journeys, the core of your Fraud, Credit and Compliance decisioning at Alloy. Journeys enable strong management of complex workflows, while giving our users the tools to adapt for rapid change and future-proofing. With Journeys, you have the power to manage multiple workflows within in a single configuration. Clients manage states in their chosen Journey and workflows, culminating in a single, final decision for a given applicant.

What does this looks like? We enable in-flow feedback to the user in real-time, give you the ability to manage asynchronous actions via Webhooks, and provide you with a unified set of APIs, Webhooks, and dashboard views for the entire application process. The financial world moves quickly and your fraud, credit and compliance strategies need to keep pace. At Alloy, we give you the tools to manage quick changes, testing, and long term strategic improvements without needing to update your integration.


Journeys: managing multiple workflows within a single configuration.