Alloy will send a webhook for every significant event that occurs during your Journey Application.

Journey Events

started_applicationA new Application has entered our system
visited_nodeAn applicant has moved to a new node of the Journey (including the first step)
started_evaluationThe evaluation has begun and is in process
completed_evaluationThe evaluation has been concluded
data_request_evaluationMore information about an applicant is needed for our system to advance
completed_reviewAn agent has completed a manual review of an Application. This may immediately cause the Application to complete, or may kick off another evaluation (or otherwise continue the Application)
completed_branchAn applicant has completed their Journey
completed_reconciliationAll applicants have completed their Journeys and an outcome has been reached based on the Journey's reconciliation logic
completed_applicationAll applicants have completed their Journeys and the Application is no longer open, regardless of whether an outcome was reached. This event will always fire for every Application, if there’s an outcome on this event, that will be the Application’s final outcome/decision
has_finished_sending_additional_entitiesFor streaming applications, this event signals that the stream has closed on a Group Application, and no further entities may be submitted
pending_reviewAn evaluation is in the manual review state and needs to be reviewed to a final outcome
pending_actionFor an external service or user action, the Application is waiting for either an external service response or for an outcome of a user action
pending_documentsThe Application is waiting for additional documents to be uploaded
pending_action_expiredThe pending action has timed out
completed_actionCorresponds to pending action, the put request with the results of that action has been successfully received
errorAn evaluation was unable to reach an outcome, either because of misconfiguration or because a downstream vendor did not return data we needed to continue

Example Webhook:

 "request_token": ":request_token",
 "timestamp": 1634228613485,
 "type": "update:journeyapplications:sandbox",
 "description": "Notify on sandbox journey application status change",
 "data": {
  "type": "started_evaluation",
  "timestamp": 1634228613426,
  "evaluation_token": ":evaluation_token",
  "entity_token": null,
  "_embedded": {
   "node": {
    "id": ":node_id",
    "type": "workflow",
    "config": {
     "workflow_token": ":workflow_token",
     "workflow_version_id": 1
  "_links": {
   "evaluation": {
    "href": "/v1/evaluations/:evaluation_token"
   "journey_application": {
    "href": "/v1/journeys/:journey_token/applications/:application_token"

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